The game uses local storage to save progress,
so it doesn't work properly in Incognito mode.
Dishwashing ▲
Restaurant menu
Tier up

When you Prestige, you restart the game to get Prestige Points and Skill Points.
Prestige Points increase your total income by 10% each.
Skill Points are used to buy skills below.
(Hover over skills and rainbow bar at the main screen to see more descriptions.)
For your first Prestige, it is good to get to about 10 Prestige Points, but if you  really  want to start again, you can go earlier.

You'll lose all your money and dishes and gain 0 Prestige Points. Continue?

Prestige Boosters
On prestige you'll get:  points
Total Prestige Points:  ⇒ 
Available Skill Points:  ⇒ 

Available Skill Points: 
Unlocked skills
Every purchase supports the game and its solo dev.

Triple choice

Whenever you get
2 options to choose from, you'll get
a third option too.
50 💎 Gems

You can spend gems on ingame purchases
on the right →

0 💎
Buy 1 Prestige Booster

Buy 100 🔖 Coupons
If you have questions please contact the dev:

 (prestiges the game)

Exporting the game will load it and then automatically prestige it to prevent exploits. Continue?

This is not the prestige system. You probably don't want to do this if you don't know what it means.

Community and contacts:

Reddit: r/restaurantidle/