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Workers: 321495 [+1.49e+391945]

100 Coins/second [100%]

Investments: 0 [+0]

0 Coins/second [0%]

Printers: 0 [+0]

0 Coins/second [0%]

Coin Mints: 0 [+0]

0 Coins/second [0%]

Alchemies: 0 [+0]

0 Coins/second [0%]

Accelerators: 0 [+0]

Acceleration Factor: 10.0%. Acceleration Multiplier: 1.00x

Multipliers: 0 [+0]

Multiplier Power: 2.000%. Multiplier: 1.00x

Accelerator Boosts: 0 [+0]

Next one adds 1.00% Acceleration Factor.

Due to your excessive wealth, all coin production is divided by 1.00 to pay taxes!

Press [1], [2], [3], [4], or [5] to buy the corresponding tier starting from the top. Press [A] to buy Accelerator, [M] to buy Multiplier, or [B] to buy Accelerator Boost. Press [left arrow] or [right arrow] to switch tabs. Enjoy!

Coin Upgrades

Diamond Upgrades

Mythos Upgrades

Generator Shop

Automation Shop

Particles Upgrades

Hover over an upgrade icon to see details!

Green background: Achieved.

Purple background: Unachieved, provides bonus multiplier.

Red background: Unachieved, provides content/feature unlock.

No background: Unachieved, nothing special.

Hover over an achievement to view information.

Toggle the number of levels to buy per sacrifice

You have 0 Offerings.

Speed Rune

Level: 166/500

Exp: 0/40


Duplication Rune

Level: 1/500

Exp: 0/40


Prism Rune

Level: 1/500

Exp: 0/40


Thrift Rune

Level: 1/500

TNL: 0


Superior Intellect

Level: 1/500

TNL: 0


Gain 25 rune experience per Offering.

You have 0.5% chance of recycling your offerings. Recycled offerings are not spent!

Hey, hover over a rune icon to get details on what each one does and what benefits they're giving you!


Thanks to researches, your effective levels are increased by 0%

Press [1], [2], [3], [4] or [5] on your keyboard to use offerings for each rune, starting with Speed Rune on the left; must have rune unlocked to use hotkey!

Is the base game too easy? Try these situations! [Click the icons to view challenge details!]

0 / 25
0 / 25
0 / 25
0 / 25
0 / 25
0 / 25
0 / 25
0 / 25
0 / 25
0 / 25
0 / 10
0 / 10
0 / 10
0 / 10
0 / 9001

Time for start of sweep: 10s

Time before exiting challenge: 2s

Time before entering challenge: 2s

Auto Timer: 0s

Press [1], [2], [3], [4], or [5] to enter challenges, starting from the top. Press [E] or [e] to exit your transcension challenge if stuck!

If you are unable to finish the challenge, press the hotkey listed above OR click on the red Challenge "C" button on the reset buttons on top.

To leave a reincarnation challenge, press the grey Challenge "C" instead!

Hover over the grid to get details about researches!

Gain Obtainium when you Reincarnate!

Welcome to the future! I'd recommend studying the green-bordered researches first. The red-bordered researches are never reset whereas the white-bordered researches will reset upon the next reset tier!

The ants welcome you to their home.

Hover over the icons for description. Click icons to buy!

You have 0 Galactic Crumbs.

-=- Time Until Daily Refill -=- 11 hours 10 mins 5 seconds

Quarks gained from Cubes: 0/25

Open 1 cubes for next quark.

Cubes opened today: 0

Quarks gained from Tesseracts: 0/25

Open 1 tesseracts for next quark.

Tesseracts opened today: 0

Quarks gained from Hypercubes: 0/25

Open 1 hypercubes for next quark.

Hypercubes opened today: 0

You feel a sense of Pride and Accomplishment... and a hunger for power.

Open up some Lootb-- er, Wow! Cubes, to get one of ten permanent bonuses.

You can also spend them on upgrades that persist through Ascension.

You possess 13 Wow! Cubes. Get more from harder Ascensions and other stuff.

Hermes' Tribute x1: +0.01% Accelerators per Accelerator Boost
Aphrodite's Tribute x1: +0.01% Multipliers
Plutus' Tribute x1: +0.01% Offering Gain
Iris' Tribute x1: +0.01% Rune EXP
Athena's Tribute x1: +0.01% Obtainium Gain
Artemis' Tribute x1: +0.01% Ant Speed
Ares' Tribute x1: +0.01% Sacrifice Reward
Moloch's Tribute x1: +0.01% Effective ELO
Midas' Tribute x1: +0.01% Bonus Rune Levels on Talismans
Chronos' Tribute x1: +0.01% Global Time Acceleration

You have a total of 0 Cube tributes!

The most rewarding ventures are those few would dare to embark.
Select the trait levels you wish to run with. Choose wisely! Don't bite off more than you can chew...

This Ascension's climate raises ant production to the power of 1.000.

However, it also multiplies Rune Spirit Effects by 1.000!

You have 1 Wow! Cubes in the Ascension bank. Gain more by finishing challenges! Ascend to redeem them.

Your Ascension Score is 1 (base) * 4 (Corruption mult) = 4

If you ascend now, you will gain 32 Wow! Cubes.

If you ascend now, you will gain 32 Wow! Tesseracts. [Get more if Score >100,000]

If you ascend now, you will gain 32 Wow! Hypercubes. [Req Score: >1,000,000,000]

If you ascend now, you will gain 32 PLATONIC CUBES. [Req Score: >1,337,000,000,000]

Ascend when you've completed Sadistic Challenge I a total of 1 times.

Miscellaneous Stats

Confirmation Toggles

These do not work with hotkeys. Too bad!

3600s until +1 export Quark

Quarks on export: 0 [Max 25]

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You're playing Synergism - The Abyss [Last Update: 5:30 PM UTC-8 Nov 15]

Event Status:

People who helped with programming: AlienC4 [A ton of bug fixes, content changes and improved performance, Statistics help], Kewne [History tab] Khafra [General, Saving], Halo [Buying Features], Nyan Cat [Some Optimizations/Cleanup], Kino [Contribution to runes.js], Jahwsuf [Testing and other files], Bigwhupdude [Major tester], Yasmir, Jacobnlsn, PassMeTheCobb [Idea for revamps], Xander374 among others!

People who helped with art/design: Omsi, Alberan, Blank, Sneekxy, Marblerunner64, Q00u, Cryptogrounds (splash screen), Buksss, illyria, Kiboy, Sean, Hexy

People who Boosted the Discord Server: earth [Legacy], Flame [Legacy], Kittelson [Legacy], PerspectiveTransform [Legacy], somepersondontask [Legacy], Advocate for Pin Illiteracy [2x!], Balthasarx [2x!], Echoneer [2x!], Gnum [2x * 2!], illyria [2x!], Isaiah [2x!], Nethlion [2x * 2!], ShadowWalker227 [2x!], Sneekxy [2x * 2!], Tony Tells you to CHECK THE PINS [2x!], Vasicci [2x!], Arkanos80 [1x * 2!], Blair, broisbrogosani, Chirality, Divinity, GrouchPlays, hreindeer, jables [1x * 2!], joshh, Kyrosiris, Liam, MattyD, Oblis, Orped, Stang [1x * 2!], strentax, theefool [1x * 2!], TheMan2494023, Toaster, Voltana [1x * 2!], Vovinia, Ximon [1x * 2!].

And you, for playing my first ever project, Synergism!

Accelerators from Upgrades/Misc: 0

Accelerators from Boosts: 0

Accelerators from Speed Rune: 0

Speed Rune Multiplier: 0

Upgrade Multiplier: 0

Achievement Multiplier: 0

Research [1x1] Multiplier: 0

Research [1x6]-[1x10] Multiplier: 0

Research [4x11] Multiplier: 0

Challenge Multiplier: 0

Corruption Exponent: 0


Multipliers from upgrades/misc

Multipliers from Duplication Rune

Duplication Rune Multiplier

Upgrade Multiplier

Achievement Multiplier

Research [1x2] Multiplier

Research [1x11]-[1x15] Multiplier

Research [4x12] Multiplier

Multa Formicidae Ant Multiplier

Aphrodite Tribute Multiplier

Challenge Multiplier

Corruption Exponent


Offering Multipliers

Alchemy Achievement 5:0

Alchemy Achievement 6:0

Alchemy Achievement 7:0

Diamond Upgrade 4x3:0

Particle Upgrade 3x5:0

Auto Offering Shop Upgrade:0

Offering EX Shop Upgrade:0

Cash Grab Shop Upgrade:0

Research 4x10:0

Sacrificium Formicidae:0

Brutus Cube Tribute:0

Constant Upgrade 3:0

Research 6x24,8x4:0

Challenge 12:0

Research 8x25:0

Ascension Count Achievement:0

Sun & Moon Achievements:0

Cube Upgrade 5x6:0

Cube Upgrade 5x10:0

Platonic ALPHA:0

Platonic BETA:0

Platonic OMEGA:0

Challenge 15:0


Cube multipliers

Ascend Time Multi:0

Season pass:0

Research 5x19:0

Research 5x20:0

Cube upgrade 1x1:0

Cube upgrade 2x1: 0

Cube upgrade 3x1: 0

Cube upgrade 4x1: 0

Cube upgrade 5x1: 0

Research 6x12: 0

Research 7x2: 0

Research 7x17: 0

Research 8x7: 0

Research 8x22: 0

Ascension Count Achievement: 0

Bought Mortuus Est ants (R8x17): 0

Duplication Spirit Power: 0

Research 8x25: 0

Constant upgrade 10: 0

Cube upgrade 3x10: 0

Num Ach 4: 0

Num Ach 6: 0

Challenge 11 Ach: 0

ASCENDED Achievement: 0

Sun & Moon Achievements: 0

Cube Shards: 0

Challenge 15: 0


Here's what you got from your last resets (except challenges):

Your sacrifices got you the following:

Your last ascensions got you the following:

Welcome to the Quark Shop. You can't believe what's in stock!

You have 0 Quarks!

Buy Yer' Potions!

Own: 2222 Own: 0
Level: 0/5 Level: 0/5 Level: 0/5 Level: 0/5 Not Bought Level: 0/3 Level: 0/5 Not Bought
Level: 0/5 Level: 0/5 Level: 0/5 Not Bought Not Bought Not Bought
Hover over each portion of the shop to see what each upgrade does!