Yet another Merge Game

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Reach to get {{formatNumber(getQFMilestoneInfo().nextMilestone[1], true)}}x more Quantum Foam!

You have {{formatNumber(prestige.quantumFoam)}} [{{formatNumber(prestige.bankedQuantumFoam)}}] x{{formatNumber(getQuantumFoamBoost(), 2)}} Matter Production

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{{core.merges}} / {{core.getNeededMerges(core.level)}}

x{{formatNumber(core.getBoost(core.level), 2)}} → x{{formatNumber(core.getBoost(core.level + 1), 2)}}



Each Quantum Processing Core gives a 25x Boost to Matter produced. Upgrade Cores by spending Isotopes to increase their boost. You have {{formatThousands(isotopes.amount)}}

You have {{formatThousands(isotopes.amount)}}

{{}} {{upg.level + 1}} {{upg.desc}}

You have {{formatNumber(molecules.amount)}} Molecules.

You get {{formatNumber(getMoleculeProduction())}} Molecules every Second

Upgrade your Molecule Income by spending resources

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Your goal in this game is to combine Objects "Mergers" to produce as much Matter as possible. Each Merger produces five times more matter per second than the previous. Matter can be used on Upgrades that can increase the initial tier Mergers spawn on, how fast they spawn and how many can be on the screen at once.


The Mergepedia gives you an overview over what Mergers you have seen so far. Mergers reached in the current Prestige run are highlighted.


After a certain point, it is harder and harder to Progress and unlock new Mergers. To solve that Problem, you can Prestige to get Quantum Foam. In that process, you lose all Progress made so far, but in exchange, each Quantum Foam increases you Matter Production by 1%. About 100-150 Quantum Foam Are recommended for the first Reset.

Prestige Upgrades

Quantum Foam can be used on Prestige Upgrades. These can further boost your matter production, make Mergers move faster, increase the Quantum Foam yield or give you a headstart.

Energy Cores

Energy Cores are another way to boost your matter production. After buying them with Quantum Foam, you can level them up by selecting them. They gain 1 xp per merge. When they Level up, their boost to matter production rises.

Quantum Processor

The Quantum Processor is a powerful technology that can increase matter production dramatically. Each Processor Core multiplies matter production by 25.

You can spend Isotopes to increase the Boost of each individual core. The Boost increases by 25 each level.


When two Mergers collide, there's a chance that they create an Isotope. These can be used to Upgrade the Chance that you get Isotopes and that 2 Mergers spawn at once. You can also use them to upgrade Quantum Processor Cores.


Molecules are a resource than can be used on Upgrades that give general Boosts, for example boosting Isotopes. Their production is determined based on the amount of merges since the last prestige and muliplieres that can be invested in by spending different resources.